Puzzle and Game Constructors

A special thank you, this year, to tournament puzzle constructors Alex Boisvert, Pete Muller, Rich Norris, Doug Peterson, and Patti Varol. Thank you, also, to our bonus puzzle providers: Matt Gaffney, Joon Pahk, David Steinberg, and Brendan Emmett Quigley.

Organizing Team

Alex Boisvert,
puzzle wrangler
Alex Boisvert has been constructing crosswords since 2006. He lives in Santa Monica with his wife and two children.
Elissa Grossman,
When not organizing Crosswords LA, Elissa moonlights as a professor at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business (and mommy to Daniel). Her job at the tournament is to run around all headless chicken and take credit for the great work done by everyone else.
Dave Grossman,
mis chief
Dave's background includes a PhD from Harvard, teaching physics at Princeton, managing robotics and AI at IBM, becoming an IEEE Fellow, cofounding an internet company, and writing computer programs in 15 languages. He designed software to administer these crossword competitions.
Daniel Grossman,
assistant director
Daniel is in his sixth year as Crosswords LA’s second-in-command (and his sixth year as the director’s director).

Test Solvers

Past and current test solvers: Erik Agard, Brian Cimmet, Jon Delfin, Sam Donaldson, Joon Pahk, Amy Reynaldo, and Michael Sharp.

Tournament Constructors

Past constructors for Crosswords LA: Patrick Blindauer, Alex Boisvert, Sam Donaldson, Joel Elkins, Johanna Fenimore, Susan Gelfand, Elizabeth C. Gorski, Jeffrey Harris, Tyler Hinman, Donna Levin, Aimee Lucido, Andrea Carla Michaels, Pete Muller, Trip Payne, David Quarfoot, Merl Reagle, Brendan Emmett Quigley, John Schiff, Dave Shukan, Marc Spraragen, David Steinberg, Karen Tracey, Byron Walden, and Zoe Wheeler.

If you have questions, send them to info@CrosswordsLA.com

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