Crosswords Tournament in Los Angeles - for Charity

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Please choose your preferred division.
Expert Competitor: I want to square off against the very best out there.
Regular Competitor: I'm a dedicated solver. I enjoy tournaments, but don't place in the top 20.
Rookie Competitor: I think the event sounds fun. I'm new to tournaments.
Doubles Competitor: I want to complete the puzzles with a friend.
Casual: I enjoy puzzles and want to play without being scored.
Competitors: $50 in advance for individuals; $75 in advance for teams of two. Includes lunch, scored puzzles, and prize eligibility.
Casuals: $35 in advance. Includes lunch, unscored puzzles, and a seat in the tournament room.

Refunds will not be provided to those who register online and then decide not to attend.

If you register as a Doubles Competitor, we will contact you by email to obtain the name of your friend.

Registration is not needed to see the FINALS, which begin at 3:30 PM and are open to the public, free of charge.

If you would also like to purchase Crosswords LA 2015 T-shirts, they can be purchased now ($12 per shirt) or on tournament day ($15 per shirt).

If you wish to purchase now, enter the desired quantities into the table below. You will be billed on checkout. (Note: T-shirts will not be mailed to purchasers; they must be picked up on tournament day. Refunds will not be available.)

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